For Heavy Trade and Truck Tyres

Find the right truck tyres for your vehicle and your business.

Heavy Industrial Tyres for your Truck Fleet

Heavy industrial tyres for your truck fleet. Whether you have one light truck or a fleet of heavy haulers, let us look after your tyres for all your industry needs.

Tyres for any make or model

We have the tyre for your classic, right up to the family 4×4.

More Than Tyres

Let us look after more than just your tyres

Transit Tyres Service Vehicles

Get the most out of your tyres. Save on tyre wear, increase fuel economy by letting us rotate, balance and align your tyres for the perfect ride.

Not Just Tyres

Total front end mechanical services available

About Transit Tyres and What We Can Do

Transit Tyres is a Locally owned independent tyre Specialist striving on providing professional service at the right price. With two great locations we are able to provide a wide choice of Passenger Tyres, 4WD Tyres, Light Commercial Tyres, Truck and bus tyres along with all your farming Tyres. Three service vehicles for all your on site needs, our prices are very interesting. Contact us for more info on Transit Tyre services

Transit Tyres

  • Passenger Tyres
  • 4WD Tyres
  • Light Commercial Tyres
  • Truck and bus tyres
  • Farming Tyres.
  • Three service vehicles for all your on site needs

Victoria Street, Mackay

186 Victoria Street
Mackay QLD 4740
(07) 4957 7499

Truck and 4WD Tyres

247 Boundary Road
Paget QLD 4740
(07) 4952 4326

Transit Tyres: Victoria Street (07) 4957 7499

Transit Tyres: Truck & 4WD Tyres (07) 4952 4326

Transit Tyres Mackay (07) 4957 7499
Transit Tyres Paget (07) 4952 4326

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